5 good reasons to work at Onemedia Consulting

Flat business structure

As a dynamic team, active and critical exchange between all of our team members is very important – in our opinion, a steep hierarchy is more of a hindrance than an asset. It’s a given that we treat each member with the respect he or she deserves. Your opinion is important!


From the very start, every team member has his or her own area of responsibility. We place the highest confidence in your knowledge and skills. We believe that you can make the right decisions. We trust you!

You’re important

We understand that our company’s success is built upon the individual contribution of each team member. We appreciate the complete range of expertise and skills that you bring to the table. Through your personal strengths, we’re able to grow as a team and further expand our scope of services. We need you!

Exciting environment with a future

The digital landscape is constantly changing and is full of both opportunities and risks for companies. Business processes need to be rethought and automated – especially in the areas of marketing and sales – in order to ensure communication with potential clients is relevant, digital, fast and up to date. You are part of it!

Steep learning curve

Typical work at Onemedia Consulting involves continuously changing requirements, new strategies and new solution approaches. A solution that works for one company doesn’t necessarily fit the needs of another. Every company structure is different; in particular, Lead Management and Marketing Automation require the seamless integration of many areas – marketing, sales, strategy, IT and data security. We learn together and through you!

If you feel that this job description speaks to you, please have a look at our current job advertisements.

There aren’t any positions that meet your skillset? We also welcome unsolicited applications, if you think you’re the right person for us. Convince us!